Mr Nice Guy

10 May

So I was talking to my house mate about his usual antics involving women. The conversation came to the point where he confessed he would be comfortable with his hypothetical daughter dating a guy like myself. My response was, “I wouldn’t” as I know the man I am when I’m alone. The strange thing is I’ve heard similar remarks from other friends. I would like to think that when I  meet my other half  I can be the nice guy people perceive me to be, not the man I am when I’m alone.


First World Problems.

9 May

So I’ve been in a routine for the past few weeks and all seemed to be going fine. Yesterday, I suddenly fell into this depressing feeling of unaccomplished and wasted opportunities. The feeling was brought on through envy and constant comparison of how others seem to be progressing whilst I’m going backwards. Yes, I’m doing a Masters but that’s no guarantee of getting a fulfilling job, rather a move on my part to delay major life decisions for another year. It was a choice between investing further in education or moving abroad to peruse Arabic. I chickened out of the Arabic and went for the option with the least amount of change. I seriously hated change in the past, but now I crave it. I have this daunting task of completing a dissertation and all I do is waste time worrying rather than actually writing it. Even now I have several articles to read and I’m delaying them for no good reason.


30 Apr

I’ve been keeping a hand written personal journal for the past six months or so which has helped to organize my thoughts. Since I can’t carry it everywhere, I’ll be posting on here occasionally. If you enjoy reading depressing thoughts and like hearing about a very fortune person whining, then you’ll probably enjoy this blog.